Rolex DateJust II Copy® Datejust 2 Replica with Swiss-Made ETA caliber inside.

Rolex DateJust II Copy® Datejust 2 Replica


Guide to Rolex DateJust II Replicas® Exact Rolex Copy

To be honest, when the new Rolex Datejust II was unveiled in BaselWorld back in 2009, we weren’t very excited about it. We were not ready to change from a 36mm to much bigger a 41mm diameter. But I guess such feelings are normal. For example, it takes us a long time to appreciate a new BMW car because we love the former models a lot.

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Rolex DateJust Diamonds Copy

Rolex DateJust II – Is It the New Trend?

Last summer we checked out a Rolex boutique who sold both old (pre-owned) and new Rolex watches so I took the chance to try the DateJust II. The gold/stainless steel Datejust is still the clear winner since it was featured in the Wallstreet movie but the new Datejust II is surely coming a close second. It’s a nice option for those who want a watch that will be appropriate for every occasion.

The 41mm diameter is not hard to get used to, and the large luminous hour markers and the large crown which can be seen at 12 o’clock utilize the large dial pretty well. I’m impressed with the white gold bezel especially when it reflects light. The blue dial really stands out when you expose it to sunlight. It can sometimes turn deep purple, which is really nice.
It’s no secret that the Datejust replicas have been around since 1946 and is arguably the most popular Rolex timepiece in the world although we can’t really say for sure since Rolex does not disclose these numbers.

Rolex Datejust Swiss Mechanism ReplicaThe Datejust II copy may not be appealing enough for watch collectors but it it’s the perfect watch for just about any occasion. You can give it as a graduation gift, birthday gift or wedding gift for those who only wear one watch their whole life. You just can’t go wrong with the ref 116334 stainless steel Datejust 2. The Datejust II features many of the newest innovations of the company. The flimsy clasp copy was replaced with Rolex’ great adjustment system and it uses Caliber 3136 which has the Parachrom hairspring. The Datejust II stainless steel only has the white gold fluted bezel.



- The list price of a genuine Rolex Datejust II is 6,780 euro but you can buy it pre-owned for around 5000 euro. Still it is too much for many of our readers so they are looking for an eaxct copy of the Datejust II executed in similar quality with a swiss-made movement and at a fraction of the costSee Replica Watch Prices